Hi I’m normal….of at least I think I am.

I really shouldn’t say I am because I just hallucinated someone calling out to me…..it’s just me and my daughter in the house right now. Well the husband and boy are here too but they are in bath time.

Sigh. Welp if not for that and for the sinus infection- which could’ve added to the hallucination now that I think about it … I’m okay. Just high on cough, allergy and antibiotic medicines. And lack of sleep which does precipitate for me a manic episode….Dangit. Hopefully I get some sleep tonight.

The Brintelix is out of my system! Officially I’ve not been manic for a couple of days. I know that because I’ve been fighting the magentas.

Not a bad case, just one that makes me not want to do anything. I was starting it last time I talked I think I freaked some of y’all out. Don’t worry I’m okay. I think so at least.

The new doctor I thought I was seeing is actually only a counselor. She wants to see me weekly. I hafta call tomorrow (Friday) to see if my insurance can cover for that cause I have horrible insurance.

I loved talking with her, when she told me she wasn’t a pdoc I was kinda relieved. I guess I really wanted someone to talk to and be honest w and not worry about what they are gonna think about if I say this or that.

My husband is done bathing the kids gotta go be awesome mom. Speaking of awesome mom, my daughter has to go for a sleep test on Monday because of her tonsils. When did they start that stupidity? I’m trying not to think about that but I’m nervous.

Ok. Really gotta go now the kids are starting to dog pile….