It’s a special day today. Can’t tell ya why. My paranoia keeps me from it sorry. But it is special.

my husband is being awesome, the kids are being awesome……but most importantly so am I.

I feel quiet and almost normal. I keep chasing the kids like the tickle monster I am, my mind is only spinning on slow fast forward.

Maybe… today will be awesome.

Even with some certain guests who grate my nerves unbelievably so. Today will be awesome, I won’t cheat too much on my diet. Did I mention I’ve been having the worst time getting back on the diet since Mexico? I had a bagel….okay okay 2 bagels yesterday. I know right?

Today won’t be yesterday. Today will be awesome.

The only cheat I’m gonna allow is my ….. well if I tell you what I’m gonna cheat on them you’ll know why today is so special. Dang paranoia is a little high.

Oh did I mention I might be joining the 21st century and getting an iPad? Shhhhh……don’t tell my kindle. But it’s been acting up on me, so I threw it across the room the other day. It’s been acting been since then….it knows who’s boss now right?

Anyways, did I tell you I backed down from volunteering for the IBPF? It was too much for me when I was so depressed. I might go back, but I’m obviously gonna wait to see how I do with this new medicine. For now I’ll keep writing here.

I know y’all love to hear about my weird ole life right?