Pardon me I’m hypomanic right now so this post might not make sense. Like my life.

We went to Mexico – if you follow me on FB or Twitter you already know that. I was so severely depressed I was counting the days til we left; i grumbled and complained as little as possible I didn’t want to ruin it for my husband. Funny thing was as we were on our way home I became suicidal because I didn’t want to enter the monotony that is our life.

I’m just a ray of sunshine like that I guess.

Before we left we found out that baby girls tonsils are extremely swollen and the surgeon won’t remove them without a sleep study. So I hafta listen to her struggled for sleep every night.

A mothers dream.

Homeschooling is going well. I think. I don’t know. I haven’t even started on the math part yet. I’m just lagging behind on everything.

Stupid 3 month long depression; or however long it’s been. So onto that. I talked with my pdoc and he started me on this new anti-depressant. Brintelix. I’m on my second day of it and I’m flying high! It started with no sleep that night (last night) and boom. Here I am.

I exercised for and hour and I felt like I could go for more. In the middle of dinner I just screamed out in ecstasy. I danced. I researched. I planned. I was more productive than I have been in months.

Just when I thought that maybe I wasn’t bipolar.