Stigma is a nasty ho.

yes. Stigma is a woman. A nasty woman that tells lies, alienates loved ones and kills.

Stigma kills.

Ho is too nice a word for stigma.

There is no proper word association for stigma because it kills, it separates families, it destroys lives.

The only way to get rid of stigma is to band together and silence the voice of stigma. Surround our fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering and fight back by educating and speaking up.

Speaking of, today I had the awesome opportunity to be apart of Kendra Kantor’s series The Real Faces of Mental Illness. (Taken from her site)

The Real Faces of Mental Illness is a monthly interview series from real people sharing their personal stories and experiences. I want to show people what it’s really like to have a mental illness and not hide behind medical terms and symptoms. I want to share what it’s like to live with these diseases, on a day to day basis and how it really looks and feels and what recovery really involves. I want to share the real face of mental illnesses. 

As y’all know I am one for busting down stigma’s door – so please join me as I open up about my struggle with postpartum psychosis and bipolar 2.

The Real Faces of Mental Illness: Jessica and Postpartum Depression/Psychosis and Bipolar 2