So today on my Facebook feed I saw something that got my britches in a hitch. Something entitled (along these lines, I’m not gonna link the Neanderthal or make it easy to find his site) Robin Williams died from suicide not depression. I, of course, clicked over and read the anger filled hate filled post.

The more I read, the more sad I got. Not only because someone died believing the lies their own brain told them – but that there are people out there that are showing ignorance and disdain for those who suffer from a mental illness.

The person who wrote the post was so hateful, it made me think that they lost someone to suicide and never fully dealt with it. You see, as a survivor of a suicide attempt, when you are staring down the eye of suicide; it’s not starting at you harshly back. It’s looking at you longingly, knowingly, with a plate of chocolate chip cookies saying warm sweet nothing’s to you. While your brain, continues to throw arrows of deceit at you: “no one loves you” “you’re too ugly” “you’re family doesn’t need you” “you’re a hack” “you’ll never amount to nothing”.

Yes, I agree with the writer; suicide is not the answer. If you’re struggling, please reach out. To a friend, to a family member, me or even the lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255)


But his talk? Is not the answer. Depression is a real disease, bipolar is a real disease (I’m not sure which one Mr. Williams suffered from). There are such things as people having a mental illness. I know it’s hard for someone who doesn’t have a mental illness to understand, but we aren’t lying. We do have our faith. But we do need to take pills, we aren’t failures because of that. We aren’t lied to. We are just hurting.

What does that talk do? Just stop others from getting the help they need. So in this case? Having a differing opinion? Can be harming.

Think before you talk.