I’m serious. Sometimes I think my husband is a better mom. He’s more patient, acts as a buffer to my craziness, more understanding of the kids.

I mean, I’m not counting myself out. I’m a mighty good mom. I fight everyday for my kids, yeah some days I lose but I know tomorrow is another day – it’s fresh with no mistakes in it. So I keep fighting, but I married a good man.

He’s got his moments like any human being in his circumstances, but he … He really has missed his calling as they say. Wait that came out wrong.

Well, you know what I mean. I married a good man, he’s got a hard situation; living with me(I am a special handle to deal with child), working two jobs, living with his in-laws, barely seeing his kids. But he stays joyful, faithful, loving and praying to God almighty that our situation gets better.

I’m blessed to have such a great man like him at my side. Helping me, caring for me and the kids when life gets too tough for me.

I love ya baby, thanks for being such a good mom when the crazy gets in the way.