Been a day.

Hope yours was better.

I got my ears pierced again. They hurt now. I just cleaned them and spent 20 mins trying to figure out if my chubby hands turned the suckers or not.

I’ve been sitting with this 12 ton rock on my chest. I read an article about postpartum depression and psychosis. I don’t have the link if not I would share it here (it was on the ny times at least). But anyways, it saddened me. It’s the 12 ton rock on chest.

God I know you want me to do something but what?

I was ready to run out and call the local hospital to start up training the nurses to screen for PMADs.

I was ready to start a bill for maternal mental health – then I remember how that turned out. Shoo I was ready to chg the world.

I need to do something.

I know, I know, I’m studying to be a counselor….but is that enough? Is that it? Or is there more?