medal_of_honor_pendant-ra0febb8d3434460089be8cd0065025b9_fkoei_8byvr_324So y’all know how I am such a fighter for advocacy and all that.

Ya know how I’ve been searching and waiting for the Lord to show me what He wants me to do with all this knowledge I’ve accumilated right?

Welp. I’m gonna become a counselor!!!

I found a program thats really great and I can do from home.

Dude y’all. I am so excited.

Its Biblical counselling so I wont be doing major stuff like psychiatry – but maybe one day working up to that.

For now, I know this is where God wants me and I feel such a peace about it.

And excitement. Did I mention the excitement?

I’m trying to keep the thoughts of grandeur in check – but man I have so many ideas. This training I’m taking leads to official counselor type certification so I can take on serious cases and work in a pdoc office…..I think. Note to self must research NANC certification.


See? Too hyped up. I’ve just did the first lesson and already I’m picturing opening up my own office. Sheesh. Need to calm down.

But I can’t because I finally know what to do with my life.



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