Been sick with the plague this week…weekend…dang. I’m so sick I dont even know how long I’ve been sick. It feels like its been forever. Please don’t ask me to move.

Why you would ask me to move I do not know …. just dont ask.

I’ve been up all night coughing and blowing my nose the past coupla nights. YUP. Mania came for a visit….really hypomania but Jessica Photos 2014 146anyways. I even had a full blown hallucination. I thought there was a village of people that lived on my stomach……

……Yeah I’m weirding my self out now.

Anyways. It doesnt matter. Last night I finally got a, a full nights sleep. Almost.

I mean I still am sick ya know.

But these last coupla days got me thinking about things. The way I have been doing things online. It needs to change. I have been concentrating so much on becoming well known online that I’ve forgotten about God and what HE wants me to do.

Then I saw this video with Jim Caviezel. I dont know how to spell his name and he was talking about the same thing I’m talking about. I don’t know why I said that. Might still be a little hypo sorry,

But What I am trying to say is that I don’t need everyone else to know how great of a writer I am. Or how funny I am. God knows that. What I can do are the little things that matter.

Like write a letter for a woman on trial for infanticide; explaining that she probably had postpartum psychosis. Or write an email encouraging someone to not give up on their church.

Those things matter.

That’s where God wants me to work.

So I will just keep blogging away about life love and the little people that live on my stomach. God will use me when He needs me. Goes against me delusions of grandeur tho….but I gotta deal right?


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