My family we visited

So I’ve been MIA cause I’ve been in MIAmi. Okay…not really. I was in Orlando, but I was going for some sorta alliteration.




I freaked the freak out the last time we tried to go and this time? I was fine. My husband was the nervous wreck actually (he hates planes). We had a great time visiting family and get this: we went kidless!

My silly uncle

I called my babies daily – it was our first time apart.

I – of course – cried the first time being away from them but they did fine. They were with nana and papa who were keeping them busy.

On to non sad things; I got to go to Universal and Disney and I didn’t have a breakdown!

Okay, thats not true.

Ya see we were down there visiting family and my husband was there at a conference. So while he was at a conference my family took me out. I freaked out a little, but I did what I always do as I am high functioning. I controlled it.

My aunt and cousin were like in awe of me or something. But towards the end of the trip of Disney I ran away from them…..I was in overstimulation hell…I dont think they realized I ran away.

When we got back the next day we took the kids bowling and then the day after that we drove into hell and took them to Dutch Wonderland.

They had a blast at least.

Then yesterday in me still trying to make up for leaving them alone I took them to the DC Zoo.

I think my feet hate me.

But at least the kids are happy.

The positive out of all of this?

Last year? I wouldn’t have been able to do this at all. It feels awesome to be on the recovery path. I swear I thought the hell that I was going through would never end – but now I feel like a normal human being! Well, not normal…..but you get my drift.

Thank you sweet Jesus for that.

yes I still struggle, but I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Wait bad analogy. There is an end to this merry-go-round of ups and downs. That things that seemed so insurmountable will be….surmounted? No. Conquered. By Gods grace I have been able to get through this and you too can get this hell to enjoy life with your family too.

Just take like one day, one moment at a time.


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