I’ve been excited lately.

Nervous and scared out of my mind – but excited. And nostalgic – no not nostalgic, just looking back and thinking how far I’ve come.

Wait. Lemme explain myself.

two years ago, my husband and I tried to go to Florida for vacation. Some health things came up and we couldn’t go, but before my health stuff came up I freaked the freak out and was not having the trip to FL.

I gave that poor man hell about the trip. I told him the kids were too young to make the trip, I told him the kids were gonna be traumatized…..lemme not go on. I was just convinced, we were gonna die or something horrible was gonna happen if we went to FL. We needed to stay home where we belonged.

So, two years later – my husband tells me he has this great opportunity in FL for training. Hesitantly I agreed to go – pushing off the idea until it was time. Guess where we are going tomorrow? Florida.

We are going kidless (this is why you live with your parents people) – which is probably why its easier for me to relax at the thought. But I am excited.

I still have the intrusive thoughts, yeah I’m convinced that something horrible is gonna happen. But I am able to trust in the Lord, calm myself down and breathe. (Breathe Jessica Breathe)

But I am getting a vacation, my husband and I are getting alone time (dont be nasty) and I am going to enjoy myself. Lord help me please, I AM gonna enjoy myself.

Man, have I come along way or what?


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