I just wanted to clarify my last post.

To me it seems like what I’ve written could be taken either way. That just by eating better you can get rid of your bipolar symptoms.


What i meant was my brain felt clearer because I stopped eating the bad foods but ALSO because I’ve been taking my meds regularly.

My medicine is finally at a level that I can function and think. And breathe.

I know it has to do with the fact that I’m being more open with my doctor. I’m actually talking with him. Which I haven’t in the past and this being open thing? It really does help you by the way.

I know it’s just easier to hold things inside for fear that your pdoc is gonna lock you up in the psych ward; but if you keep things inside how do you expect to heal?

Don’t be like me, and take two years to open up to a pdoc. I was living through hell regularly and so was my family.

Pdocs are there to help – if you find the right one of course.

Maybe that’s why it took me so long to open up to him….

Anyhow…what was I saying? Oh yeah.

Know this; nothing can completely get rid of your bipolar disorder. A great diet and taking your meds – will make you stable.

That’s what I was meaning.