If ya haven’t been following I’ve changed my diet drastically. I’ve cut out all sugars (well except natural sugars like fruit); I’ve cut out complex carbs; and I’ve said goodbye to chocolate forever.

It’s been two weeks. Well just about at least.

I’ve been struggling a little but I’ve remained true to the diet. What have I noticed? Changing your diet really does alter your bipolar symptoms.

Okay, granted I’ve only been on it for two weeks but I haven’t had a manic episode. I had the beginnings of hypomania, but was able to squash that with a nice nap.

Another thing, I’ve been depressed for the most part of these two weeks. Thing I’ve noticed? I haven’t been suicidal. At all. How awesome is that thank you Jesus.

Okay I will admit after a MAJOR trigger, I had some quick intrusive thoughts…..but no plans. And I was able to pray and calm myself down; so I still say win for me.

This diet is hard though. Today all I wanted to do was eat chips. It’s all I still want to do. A bag of Funyuns? Ooohhh yeah….or smartfood white cheddar popcorn. Yes! Popcorn! I really miss popcorn….no wait. Salt and vinegar potato chips.

Oh this withdrawal is freaking hard!

I swear if I eat another healthy thing I’m gonna hurl, but I’m gonna keep on going. Never going to turn back.

I finally have a clear mind. I’m feeling better about myself physically. I’m never gonna turn back on this diet and I’m gonna keep with the normal (well relatively normal – who really is normal right?) me and live.

Dangit I’m gonna LIVE!!!