So I’ve started this new diet. No, new way of life. And its all I can think of. Food glorious food!IMG_1049

Granted its only been a week – but seriously did you know that the bread aisle in the supermarket has a smell? Its a wonderful mix of cinnamon a powdered something….probably starch.

I tried to write about that new show Black Box – but I dont really care. All I care about is food. That could probably attributed to my OCD though.

Okay thats kinda a lie. I do care about that new show. Just my phone wont update with the new episode and the ABC app wont let you watch unless you have a cable account – which is stupid. Why would I watch it on the freakin app if I have a cable account?

Am I right?

So. Here I am still waiting to watch it.

My wonderful lunch
My wonderful lunch

Waiting and eating fabulous foods.

I know you are jealous.

Oh sidenote!

Since cutting out complex carbs and sugar? My bipolar symptoms and anxiety have gotten better.

Or at least thats what has been told to me.

I feel great about that.

I knew I needed to cut out sugar and caffeine cause it was causing me to have mini manic episodes. My latest manic episode, before starting the diet, lasted for 2 weeks.

I was reaching for straws trying to end it.

This diet ended it. Thank the Good Lord almighty.

Though I am in a deep evil magenta – I know its because my diet has been going through a reboot. Actually I know that now thanks to a good online buddy Dyane.

Another weird thing? I actually have an appetite now. Since getting depressed after the birth of my son? I have not had any sort of appetite. At all. Whatsoever. Seriously.

Now with this?

yummy, eggs with onions and red peppers

I can’t get enough food in me!

Right now I’m starving,  and I just had a huge breakfast of “mexican” (I’m not sure if it really was mexican mixture) eggs mixed w egg whites, turkey bacon and sausage.

an hour and a half later and i am ready for more.

There is really something to this food combining stuff cause boom baby I lost 4 lbs my first week, Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Ok….now while writing this I have been trying to find a way to watch black box online. I think I finally found a way.

I will definitely let you know my thoughts.


hmmm…..maybe I hit a mania phase again and thats why I am so hungry today. Dangit. That would explain my little dance party I just had.

Also….still can’t find the dang episode! Come on hulu plus!!


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