Sometime this month I make a year.

A year of life.

I don’t remember the exact date but I know it happened before May 7th (I vaguely blogged about it on May 7). During that time we had just moved into my parents house; my kids were sick; I was sick; my husband was a mess working day and night. Ay yi yi, I was just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. In fact, I had attempted once a coupla weeks before then but chickened out.

Those months were just full of pain.

I still have suicidal ideations; but by God’s grace, the doctors help, my son’s smile, my daughter’s laugh, and my husband’s warm kisses I am still here fighting them.

After my attempt, when I found my hope in Christ; I knew I needed help others break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and support those still fighting like me; so that they can know there is hope. That’s why I’m walking in the AFSP walk (please support me in such a great cause), volunteer for the international bipolar foundation and that’s why I’m joining #semicolonproject416. What #semicolonproject416 is trying to do is break down the stigma that surround the depressed or anxious, and support each other. I join the #semicolonproject416 to show love and support and say proudly: My story is definitely not over. Don’t let yours be.