Like our little photo bomber?

It’s the little things that make the day go round. Or something like that. My husband is working from home today, he wasn’t feeling too well today he said. But I think it’s just he wanted to be close to us. I like him. Ain’t he cute?

I’m still sick as anything – did I tell you that? Man my sick brain is so cloudy right now. I know I told y’all I registered for my Frederick out of darkness walk. It’s to help support the American foundation for suicide prevention (AFSP). It’s a great foundation that brings awareness towards mental health and suicide prevention. I’m a volunteer with them and am sending letters an stuff to senators to help change policies and laws regarding mental health laws and suicide prevention teaching and laws. It’s great feeling like I’m making a change.

They do more, in fact Cristi Comes has a post talking about the things AFSP does. Feel free to check it out.

So here comes the begging, can you please make a donation toward my walking fund? Together let’s help a great foundation like AFSP breakdown stigmas and help people daily choose life.

Click here or click on my store or click on the picture at the top of my sidebar to make a donation towards my walk fund.

Please help save a life.