Officials: multiple fatalities in Fort Hood shooting, including shooter.

My CNN app alerts me to get another tragedy that occurred.

My heart is in my throat as my family talks about how they let another “crazy person” loose – but don’t worry Jessica we’re not talking about you. We’re talking about grandpa type crazy (my grandfather was a paranoid schizophrenic).

Little do they realize in my cornerstones, I’ve had thoughts that could match those of any gunman.

I wake up the next day to hear that the gunman, not dead a full 24 hrs is already being reported as having a mental illness. Then later on the day – whoops, he’s just being assessed as having PTSD. Ha, ha it’s okay to make that mistake cause “we” aren’t hurting anyone okay it’s my imagination with that last sentence but still.


The nasty word that no one wants to admit to buy one that is on everyone’s tongue.


It is a whip that lashes us roughly and tears or skin to the very bone.


It’s the punch in the face that just never stops aching.

When will people see that we are not scary? That not everything should be blamed on mental illness. Sometimes people really are just evil. Open your eyes America! Words hurt y’all.

Crazy is dirty word. Let’s become one voice and show them that crazy needs to be a word of the past. Who’s with me?