Been a while…..this funk has swallowed me whole and refused to let me go.

I feel a little better, starting to see the sunshine on a bright day type of thing but it’s hard.

I still don’t have the eloquence to write yet….I’m just trying work around this hair cut. No literally. My hair cut

Man I need to do my eyebrows

It’s shorter than I realized and as you can see my chubby face…well…..I’m learning to like it.

Funny thing was at first I loved it but I let the evil magenta fog get to my brain and now…meh.


My son is coughing and sounds like a serious wood chipper when he breathes through his nose. But I’m not freaking out about it!!! Thank you Lord that’s a step right?

Cool thing. After fighting the Lord, and finally giving my will offer to Him…I ended up being a huge blessing to someone this weekend. Was cool seeing God use me to help someone. I pray that that happens again, but that the next time I don’t doubt or fight the Lord.

Okay….I don’t know how to end this so peace out my ninjas