Ya know….gonna be honest here.

I wasn’t gonna talk about this here. Its a great cause and it definitely needs to be supported but – it hits close to home.

Lemme splain.

Several days ago a pregnant mom drove herself and her three children into water on the Daytona Beach. They would not have been saved had not her sister (or some relative) called the cops on her. You see, she was talking about Jesus and Demons being in the house with her or something.

My writing is vague because well, its hard for me to read those stories. You see……well, lemme tell you my story.

2012 102I gave birth to my son and developed postpartum depression (PPD); but not til he was 4 months old. I went and saw my regular doctor as I was having major suicidal intrusive thoughts that included my son. She told me I was perfectly fine, I didn’t have PPD! Maybe just a little sleep deprived. She said when you know you have PPD, is when you don’t even want to touch your baby. And I loved and held my baby – besides it was too late. Per her words: “You can only develop PPD within the first few weeks of giving birth” (THIS IS AN EXTREMELY FALSE STATEMENT!)

Next, I gave birth to my daughter and was diagnosed with PPD, but what I actually had was postpartum psychosis (PPP). I was misdiagnosed because I just told the doctor what I wanted; she didn’t give me a test to see what was actually wrong with me.

What was wrong with me? I was convinced that a family living in our apartment building were a family of druglords. That they were interested in my family because I had the cutest kids. I was convinced they wanted to take my kids away into sex slavery and kill me. And yes, I had a plan if they did break in……no I will not go on. That was hard enough to write.

I was terrified every time I left the house and usually only left the house when someone was with me.

One time, I swear to you even now – one time while we were at the back of the apartment, I heard the front door open and close as they came into our house to case out the joint. I could go on  into my psychosis and the pain it brought to my family needlessly; but by Gods grace I finally found the help I needed.

The reason why I bring this up is to talk about a petition going around that I support

Universal mental health screening for every pregnant and postpartum woman

We need a universal screening  system to help identify issues and prevent stories like mine, like the Daytona Beach incident or even like Andrea Yates. That is why I support this petition so greatly. These mood disorders can be treated, in fact they are very treatable. Just as long as someone gets to them on time. 

Please join us mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, friends, families, whatevers and sign this petition. We need to change the way we treat our pregnant and new moms. We need to make sure they don’t hide in shame if they are starting to think scary thoughts. We need to give them the opportunity to talk and the doctors the schooling to know what to do with that.

Help us save lives.

Tweet this:

Every mother, every time. Universal mental health screening 4 every pregnant & postpartum woman. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/every-mother-every-time-universal-mental-health-screening-every-pregnant-and-postpartum-woman/rG1jLyYj … #Postpartum #EMET

Facebook it, G+ it, Pin it. Whatever you can. Please lets get the word out and help save lives.