so, this weekend I’ve been a busy bee.

I’m a volunteer with the International Bipolar Foundation, I’m their social media volunteer. Its cool. I feel like I’m helping people social mediawise. This weekend was doing some stuff for them…while…I was at a wedding.

42e9c-bangheadhereI had some extra time.

It was an interesting time there. I will leave it at that. Loved seeing all my cousins and all that jazz, but the extraness? being judged about my parenting? (Sorry for the shadiness, not sure who reads here and thats about how clear I can get)

Triggered me. – thats the part that matters. Triggered me big time.

So today I’ve been licking my scars. Working on stuff for the IBPF, hiding from the kids, feeling like a huge waste of space. Yeah. sorry. I know I’m supposed to be all encouraging and crap but dang y’all. I am allowed to lick my scars and be mad at the world; and so are you ya know.

Its okay to not be okay sometimes – you know that right? Sometimes you just need to sit back, huddle in the corner and just hold yourself, leaving the world to fend for itself.

But then? You gotta get up and fight back. Never give up.