We saw Enders Game the other day and it wasn’t half bad. A little weird at the end but then it hit me. 

The correlation between Enders game and me.

Basically here’s the plot of the movie: Aliens invaded us. Instead of trying to talk with them we killed them. Now, 50 years later we are attacking them – even though they are leaving the humans alone.

Do you see the correlation?

Ya see, first we had Dr. Phil saying we suck on rocks and howl at the moon – still waiting by the way for a real apology Phil. Then we had Brian Williams calling that evil monster the “Cleveland Kidnapper” the face of Mental illness when he had already been seen by doctors and deemed of sound mind. Then we had Dr. Oz, making light of mental illness on his show (are you normal or are you nuts…shown in the last link).

So here we are. We’ve “invaded” your homes and lives.

Then boom.

One by one my kind are being eradicated, by jokes, by mean comments. I mean the populace is being told that our kind should be avoided at all costs. There are even celebrities making jokes about how congress must be “committed by executive order”. When will it end?

Then the worst thing happens. A mother gets caught up in the middle of it all. Recently off her medications and not thinking 20131004-204029.jpgclearly she piles into the car with her loving daughter.

Five hours later they arrive to the white house. Undeterred from her mission she is met with opposition – how could the guard not know she’s supposed to meet Obama? She’s travelled all this way for nothing? She’s a very important woman to Obama – how could he not know? Angry and confused she gets back in the car and uses her car to show her frustration.


She revved her car in the wrong direction. A gun pulls out – the man starts yelling – her worst fear has come true. Obama was after her daughter after all. She had to protect her baby from this maniac at all costs.

Was that the way it happened? I don’t know. I do know that too much force was used for a woman who was definitely scared and confused.

I swear the next thing you know – they are gonna be putting people like you and me on watch lists – if they haven’t already.


Anyways, what was I saying?

We are being attacked and the only way to stop these attacks is to stand up and be one voice. We can all be Ender and make a change in our own world before more people die needlessly.

Let us join together and stop the crazy jokes and stop the insane asylum comments and make them realize we are here and we need to be respected.

Lets stop taking this lying down and fight.