1390530_661110117266481_614167028_nValentines Day.

A day to be celebrate looooove. I mean St Valentine did something so romantic on this day hundreds of years ago. We gotta celebrate our love today, by pushing it in everyone elses face. So screw everyone else who doesn’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, and lets just shun them and make them feel bad and lonely.

Welp, I’m not gonna do that. I have done enough mooshiness on this blog about how my husband is so supportive and how I would be lost without him

But I’m gonna shock ya, we are not gonna talk about that.

I am gonna talk about how awesome and important you are.

How loved you are.

How you should never ever give up.


How precious your life truly is.

Because it is.

I’m not gonna throw the bible at ya….okay. Maybe a little bit.

Hey, I’m a christian and I now understand where true and unconditional love comes from. It comes from God. He loves you just the way you are. He understands your pain. He’s there waiting with arms open to accept ya right where you are.

Please remember today especially; you are definitely not alone my ninja. You are a fierce ninja that needs to be feared; don’t be afraid.

You are strong, you can get through this day.

You are special, you are making a difference in this world – whether you know it or not.

You are loved – not only by God, but by many others. Me included.

You are needed – everyone you know? Needs you in their life.

Don’t give up my ninjas. Keep on fighting. I am right there with ya, fighting everyday. Its a hard day, but we can get through it. I am right here waiting to hold your hand.