So lately I’ve been lost.

Not sure where to go or what to do with myself. Seriously, been splitting myself in two. Not cool. I’m me – just being me. Take it or leave it. Why do I try to do what I think you would like – why don’t I try to do what I know needs…to…be…..okay. Ya called it. 20140203-181501.jpg

I have no idea where I Was going with that.

I’m seeing other colors other than magenta lately and its got me thinking clearly.

I had this other blog: My Dear Savior and it was just devotionals and prayers. I was trying to concentrate on that blog but kept feeling a pull for here. After praying and seeking out God – I realized this is where God wants me. Connecting my two passions: the Lord and being a mental health advocate.

Which I will admit I haven’t been a good one lately. My apologies. Starting now that will change.