I’m about to complain about the world’s most intriguing topic. Feel free to move along. No. Wait. I take that back. Read on. I’m fascinating, shoo. Here it is: I’m in potty training hell.

I’m training the girl who refuses to stay on the potty longer than 7 minutes at a time. So yeah, loads of fun here. I can’t wait for the remaining potty training fun w her.

The boy finally pooped in the potty, so he’s completely trained- I think. I just hafta wait a couple of weeks at home to feel more comfortable to say that. And to leave the house without diapers…..well for him at least.

Man, I feel weird about him getting that old. When the crap did that happen?


The med withdrawal stopped being so bad for about a minute then….I woke up. Withdrawing from Zoloft sucks yo. I don’t even wanna think about the other meds I’m taking.

Yeesh. I feel like crap now…eysh. Yeesh, I don’t know why I thought of it but I did. Just one of them weird things I do I guess.

I’m going through an evil magenta-y funky phase but it’s not soul sucking. I’m doing stuff and its awesome. I’m signing the boy up for a homeschool co-op, I’m doing weight watchers, exercising, doing some homeschooling with the boy now, I am writing a pen pal (wait did that make sense), and? In my spare time in stitching a quilt. Kid you not about that. No. I will not show you. It looks like jabba the hutt sneezed on it. 

True-ish story.

See how intriguing I am?