Oh what I wouldn’t give for a few minutes of silence.

If you don’t follow my daily blog – you don’t know that that the boy is sick. A-freaking-gain. But now it’s gotten so bad that the girl has gotten it too.

I hate this constant change in temperature! One day it’s 40° the next is like 18° the next 60°. Uhhhh ….. no wonder the kids got sick.

So yes, I’m freaking.

Trying definitely to rely on the Lord w this. But it’s hard – anyone who tells you the Christian life is easier is full of garbage. It’s not. It’s the same – in fact would dare to say it’s harder. But this blog is not to philosophize (that’s my other blog). It is about my mental health – which is freaking by the way. I just hate when the kids get sick and I can’t do anything so I picture the worst.

A very special “you suck” goes out to my close enemies anxiety and paranoia for those pictures of death and don’t that come anytime my kids get sick.


Even the common cold…..man I hate my brain sometimes.

I cannot tell . You the staff that goes through my heart trying to give them their medicines. My kids are sneaky sneaky when it comes to their powers of whining but I hold right to the rules …… most times.I mean they are my babies and they are doing of the common cold.

GOD I need help..

Lord, I just want my babies better. . Please.