The beauty of the written word is that; you can almost say what you want if you think about it.

In fact – word it correctly, place it in just the right place you can say anything and people will listen. Heck, they’ll even applaud you.

Call your work astounding.



Thing is; you know the truth and that truth would break their world.

It’s just you; crying out to a world that can’t hear. No. That won’t hear; because it means that their perfect little world is built upon lies. Lies they’ve told themselves time and time again to make everything just make sense.

That depression is just something you can get over by getting up and doing stuff.

That anxiety is just being nervous about a test.

That bipolar is being sad and then happy at the same time.

This world of their’s needs to stop – but how ready are we to break down the walls to their world?