20131109-075642.jpgA funny thing happens when I get sinus infection……..

I get my words mixed up.

Me to my mom: Don’t forget your lamp! (ahem. Definitely meant to say umbrella)

And its just not little nouns either. Its like verbs and pronouns and crap.

Me to the kids: Time to eat your soup. (the word I was looking for was lunch)

Sometimes I just even make up words cause my brain is too tired.

Me to my husband: Can you get me the whobbee jabbee from the thingie? (no, he does not get what I am saying. Ever.)

Makes for an interesting and yes humorous time but guess where I get it from?

Mom [who I got the sinus infection from] to me when I was helping the kids make a spaceship: Oh look here you can put the tircles (I believe the word she was looking for was circles or tires. Maybe.)