Well, the gluten free pasta was a success with everybody – thank the Good Lord Jesus.

But I think I spiced it too much. My husband was raving and the kids were picking at their food. The husband was surprised that he was eating gluten free pasta. Then proclaimed that he wasn’t gonna change anything else about his diet.

“I’m still gonna eat chicken, and steak and stuff”

Yeah, I’ll let him have his moment.

If, ya used to follow me on twitter – I changed my handle. Its now @mydearsavior. I dont know I felt like I needed to change. ya know imperfectmomma has helped me so far…this is a new step in my life now ya know?

I dont know either.

Today I’m tired. just wanted to let y’all know past night was a great success but tonight will be better. Chicken and rice. Both I know are gluten free and awesome Praise-the-Lord news; most of goya seasonings (which we use to season meat) is gluten free. Wahoo!!!

This is gonna be a weird road to go down.

I wish I could say there was a difference in the boy now. But I haven’t completely cut everything out yet. Sigh.

This is sooo much harder than I Thought it was gonna be