so I took my son to his yearly doctor appointment, with a list. A list of things – that I swore the doctor was gonna tell me that the boy had Autism.

But I was wrong.

severe Anxiety Disorder, sound familiar? I was prepared for autism- not something that is blatany my fault.

:::Bangs head on desk:::

No. Not the time to delve in self pity on this. Lemme tell you what else happened.

So he lays another one on me. “We can put him on prozac, that will make life for him a lot easier. It wouldn’t be for long; for example there was this case of a girl on it for 3 years and then when they weaned her off; poof perfectly fine. Well, not perfectly fine – but she was more interactive with kids.”

Prozac? I’m on zoloft. I definitely don’t want that for my son! Why would I medicate my son when I hate it for myself?

So I did some research and the least time consuming crap, the most effective seemed to be to go Gluten Free. As I have no thyroid gland; that seems the most likely to affect us. I mean if yall want to choose that way, that is totally fine! Please forgive me if I sound condescending, I’m just saying for my kids? I’m not making that choice.

You better believe we are all going Gluten Free.

So sorry hubby. No its time for my babies.

Tonight on the menu? Gluten Free Pasta with Chicken.

Dang. Didn’t make sure the chicken was organic.

Strike one. Lets see if I can fix it tomorrow.