I don’t think its all that its cracked up to be.

People are seeing the trailer and are getting excited about this movie. Did you forget they only show the best parts of the movie in a trailer and most times….they dont even show those parts from the trailer in the movie?

I was given an article about the #Noah film. Some people from Answers in Genesis were given a sneak preview of a rough cut of the film. Here are some things that were wrong:

  1. Noah’s family only consists of his wife, three sons, and one daughter-in-law, contrary to the Bible.
  2. It appears as if every species was crammed in the Ark instead of just the kinds of animals, thus mocking the Ark account the same way secularists do today.
  3. “Rocks” (that seem to be fallen angels) build the Ark with Noah!
  4. Methuselah (Noah’s grandfather) is a type of witch-doctor, whose mental health is questionable.

There’s a whole lot more they twisted – please check out the Answers in Genesis blog. It just upsets me – I thought “awesome people will get to see the bible on the big screen! Maybe this will bring more people to know the Lord.”

Welp, according to what Ken Hamm wrote? The only thing they got right or I should say; the only thing that is biblical in the movie is that Noah was on the ark.

Lord, You know all things about this but can anyone really come to know you from this filth?