I don’t believe it
I’m a warrior
sometimes it takes me a little longer
To just receive it
My courage

The rage, the pain, it takes over.

If no one has the power to save me, Jehovah can He dust me off and put my sword right back in my hand.

I can’t see anything. The evil magentas start creeping over me. I fail. I go outside. No shoes. Its cold. My feet hurt from the cold.


He dust me off and put my sword right back in my hand, He told me no weapon gon’ prosper keep my feet movin. Praise his name with 

The pain in my soul makes life livable. I failed. the sound of music and keep groovin. 

I close my eyes.

I pray that God would relieve the pain of my soul. I take to my corner of my world to type. To relieve the emptiness.

Look into the eyes of a man that will never quit No white flags

I get the comfort from knowing that a that the hand that touches your soul is the hand that was pierced. For our transgressions. A pierced hand is tender – it knows the feeling of pain.

If he went through it then you can make it. You got a Choice, so choose wisely. 
Lyrics from: Heart of Courage