Shoo I know J. lo cant beat that.

But I am. A pretty hulk that is.

I wish I could put that on my job application.

Hard worker, can type 100 wpm, PRETTIEST HULK YOU’LL KNOW.

How’d ya think that interview would go?

Forget that. How about when I meet a person and I’m manic or worse when I’m in a mixed phase (which I’m in now just in case you don’t know by now. My stalkers would, not the passer by. Thats why I’m saying this Cleotus!)

Anyways. I was talking to Charity from Giggles and Grimaces – shes a sweet ole thing but when her rage starts a coming. Well – she’s the prettiest darn hulk you could ever lay your eyes on. Or so she says. I still don’t believe her. but then. so would most people who would see us.

WE are ninjas who fight a silent battle and beat it everyday. Sometimes that battle gets us down, but we rely on our friends and family to bring us right back up. Like this joke we told each other.

Bipolar rage is like this: Imagine meeting someone for the first time and saying: Hi I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you, don’t piss me off or I’ll make you run to your mama so quick. Snark really is our superpower.

But its to hide the hurt and the pain.

I know that someone said once “snark is hella overrated.” While they are absolutely right – it is also a sign of someone who is hurting. Please dont forget that.

Or Hulk SMASH!