Shocker right? Depression sucks. But seriously it does, if your down and out because your mom died? Or because your puppy ran away then people would be more sympathetic.

but you’re funking out just “because Bob said something mean to you… get over it!”

“you tell me you’re down because the sun is not coming out – well get over it!”

“Puhlease, now you’re telling me your down because you woke up? Get over it!”

Ugh people are weird. How do you expect me to get over it with you in my face going: “You did a good job today Jess! You really did! I’m so proud of you…you didn’t yell at anyone or tell them where they can kiss yourself. Such a great step. No violence was perpetuated today. Great. Job.”

Apparently, I’m criminally insane and need to be talked to as if I am so dumb I don’t know how to hold a crayon.

Where do I go to get someone to slap free of charge any day/time/night.

So today was interesting.