Hi Mr. Penn,

I’m a fan of some of your work. You are quite the actor sir.  I Am Sam? When Sam lost his girl just because of his disability – it hit me hard. I think it hit everyone hard because it was a truly beautiful story, and wonderfully acted by you and Dakota and Michelle. Ay yi yi! Mystic River! Don’t even get me started on how hard I cried at the injustice on all parts! You were great in it, mean but great. And of course Milk! Such great pain that man went through to break stigmas.

Stigmas – that’s what each of these purports to break. But do they really? I mean come on now. Does someone really change their way of thinking because of a movie? Ya know what – maybe. Maybe they will look a little leery-eyed at the bartender of the local pub wondering if he’s gangster. Then again maybe not. So, I see you want to make a difference and God bless you for it. J/P HRO is a great work that you are doing for the Haitians. I have seen the devastation and know that they needed someone like you to give from the heart.

Now, the reason why I am writing to you is because of your latest “stint” or appearance or whatever you hollywood types call it on the Piers Morgan Live show. You have all these great things you have done but yet sir? You are not above the rest. You sat there demeaning the tea party (Which I am NOT part of) and Congress for the close down in the gov’t; by saying they have “….a Mental health problem….committing them by executive order….”

“….These are our american brothers and sisters………We should take them to therapy………This is their cry out for help.”

To which Piers Morgan and you have a good laugh.

90-infographic_infographic_blockOkay. So you who has seen first hand the pain of stigma. I mean you had to follow developmentally disabled people for I Am Sam and seen how rudely we as Americans treat human beings.

Well, hello. My name is Jessica Torres and I am a sufferer of a mental illness. If this executive order went through I would be committed as well. (Granted you were probably only talking about congress but still, I am moving on) Everyday I face a stigma, where people use Looney as a joke. Crazy to describe someones eyes.

Wanna know what else?

1 in 4 Americans are diagnosed with mental illness; anything from Depression to DID and beyond. Now, when people like you or Dr. Phil or Bill O’Reilly or Readers Digest or DC Comics or Brian Williams, come out with something stupid and insensitive – it doesn’t hurt me or you. It hurts the mom suffering from postpartum psychosis who is tired of being the crazy one of the family and the butt of late night jokes so she stops taking her meds and has a psychotic break.

It affects the teenager who thinks there is no hope for her and since she cant talk to anyone about the voices she hears, she kills herself. If affects the people who are not strong enough to let those jabs roll off their back while they get the help they need. Please Mr. Penn join us as we surround those still ailing from their disease, as we shout out: Enough! WE are here! We want to be respected!