I’m having a moment where I just think I just might lose my crap.

994643_763409853686025_2064475203_nI mean holy crap – why don’t I get a moments peace? Yes, I just wrote a nice post on my prayers blog – but a lot has happened since then.

As it usually does. I’ve even lost track of how much crap ive been subjected to since then and I dont even know what the crap im supposed to be doing right now.


I can whine, leave me alone.

Do you know what I’m supposed to be doing right now?

Ooo my soup is boiling.

No that wasn’t it.

what was I doing?

I hate ADHD and my forgetful brain.

Its like as soon as I sit down I wanna get up and do something but I dont know what because I forgot. And I didnt forget because I’m forgetful, I forget because as soon as I stand a child comes over and asks for something. With the many times I’ve gotten up you would think my house turned into the Duggars (for those who are not in my brain laughing hysterically at that funny joke…that means I must have a butt load of kids).

Crap. I just got up to get my soup and my son made me change his diaper and give him juice. I sat down? Had to get up again to get the soup. At least this time no one got me.

Sigh. What the crap was this post about again?