I feel so foolish.

Ya know how one feels foolish after being a brat for a coupla days? Yeah. That’s me. Right there.

You see, I had a coupla triggers – majorly trigger me over the weekend. I feel foolish because first and foremost , I didn’t rely as much as I should’ve on The Lord. Second? I let them triggers trigger me. As my husband says to me annoyingly constantly ; you are stronger than this. Well in this case I am stronger than this.

So today.

Today I am meeting with someone to potentially start a PPD support group here in our town. Maybe. Lord willingly this will go through, but if not it just means not now right?

At least that’s what everyone around me keeps telling me. It’s like the expect me to fail – yes I know that’s not the reason they’re telling me that! But still a paranoid chick can’t help but feel that way from time to time when people keep telling her that.


Sorry I’m all over the place. The girl kept me up for a coupla hours last night and when I’m not in a evil magenta phase, it means I get a little hypomanic.

Awesome, as I’m heading into this meeting in an hour. But I know that God knew that. And that if anything happens – it’s gonna be because God wanted it to happen.

I have a peace about that. Even if nothing happens – it’ll be all good cause I’m taking my first step towards being a ninja in the real world.

No wait…it wouldn’t be my first step. Dude. I forgot to tell y’all about that! I’ve taken several steps.

Y’all I’m already a ninja – I gotta update my page.