20131004-204029.jpgLet me paint you this story.

A young lady decides on a whim to take her daughter to see the white house. Its great to see an African American President in office, means a million things to a woman of color.

She piles into the car with her loving daughter.

Five hours later they arrive to the white house. Undeterred from her mission she is met with opposition – how could the guard not know she’s supposed to meet Obama? She’s travelled all this way for nothing? She’s a very important woman to Obama – how could he not know? Angry and confused she gets back in the car and uses her car to show her frustration.


She revved her car in the wrong direction. A gun pulls out – the man starts yelling – her worst fear has come true. Obama was after her daughter after all. She had to protect her baby from this maniac at all costs.

Wah? Too much guessing? Would you like me to go the way the media is portraying her? A mother suffering from postpartum psychosis and who wanted to kill herself and her baby? Which by the way is the rare case – as rare as PPP (postpartum psychosis) is; killing your own child is even rarer.

Usually the woman is convinced theres some sort of person or entity – out to kill her and her child. Then they start having other delusions on top of that but if untreated – it can lead to worse things.

How do I know? I am a survivor of PPP, and was convinced that a family downstairs was not a loving family at all but drug lords that were out to kidnap my children to sell into slavery. I was convinced several times (and still to this day) that someone (one of the drug lords) entered our house to case it out. I still believe that they were drug lords trying to kidnap the kids – we haven’t lived there for a year.

Take that TODAY show and hired quack doctor they used to misinform millions of moms! I didn’t want to go there but – my kids are still alive! They are thriving and they will continue to thrive. A mom who suffered from a postpartum mood disorder (PPMD) so severe as PPP, has children that are alive, happy and thriving.

Guess someone was wrong.

There’s no way we’ll ever be able to really say what was going on in Miriam Carey’s brain that day or what disease she really suffered from; but I can say is she had someone who took her medicine away too soon. Her brain started to unravel, which is why she went to visit the white house instead of taking her daughter to the appointment she was supposed to take her to, Lord knows.

Lord also knows what she was thinking when she walked up to the guy and started “the stand-off” – and if her mind wasn’t completely healed? She was probably thinking those men were trying to hurt her. Shocker there.

Oh Miriam, I am so sorry that instead of gentleness and kindness – you were met with pain and fear. You should have had someone there to talk to you like the human being you were and not treat you like an animal. I am so sorry, my heart still hurts because of the way you were treated and now how will your daughter be treated.

Miriam Carey was a lost, confused soul and needed someone to help her, not attack her. Her sisters were right, the police should not have shot at her but at her tires. Slowed her down, made her stop – got someone down to talk to her.

For all we know, she was trying to protect her baby from the men attacking her.