20130910-095511.jpgI’ve talked about it before But I want to direct to you this page on my site. Please look up there on my page line. It says ninja Advocate.

That’s what I am.

A Ninja Advocate.

I’ve added new subpages and I want you guys to make sure you read those. Check them out and what not. They’re important.

For reals.

Now, I gotta go and play with my kids. I’ll probably update later – got awesome news about me being a ninja advocate!

I finally got that meeting set up with the local crisis pregnancy center!! I’m looking to start a PPD support group here in my town. There is none. Not even a new moms group.

So, I wanna do something.

Now to the scary part – what do I bring? What do I say? Is she gonna like me? What if she doesn’t?

Ay yi yi yi!