{warning: slightly triggering and by slightly I mean really big time triggering}

Was gonna write about how I was still struggling; cause I’m still here – in magenta-y hell and how I don’t deserve anything even my family.


There’s always that but right? To offer a glimmer of hope, well I had a “but” moment.

Well, lemme tell you – just as I was ready to stab my eye out just to escape the “horror” that continually exists as my life – my “but” moment happened.

I was laying down listening to Sandy Patty and Larnelle Harris sing “I’ve just seen Jesus”. It’s a song that’s sung from the perspective of Mary and Peter after the resurrection. If your any bit religious … Click the link and listen. It’s tear jerkingly beautiful.

Anyhow I was listening and singing along when my son comes alongside me and starts “singing” with me, wiping the tears from my face and being all cute and exactly what I needed.

Thank you Lord for that “but” moment.