I was watching MONK and I just had to turn it off.

It was funny for a bit – til it got too close to home and I was like: “I’m MONK”. I used to not be….then i just became – welp Monk.

Why do I write about this? Well because I’m sitting outside with my kids – it’s beautiful 70 something degree weather out. Am I enjoying it?

Nope. I’m monking it out.

I hate the outdoors. Okay not really, but most of the time – okay not most of the time. Just when I hear bugs.


That’s the view to our right and what do you hear? Cicadas….crickets….stink bugs…..all spawns of the evil one.

I’m freaking out. It’s okay if I’m outside and talking to someone, or walking, or walking to the car but just sitting? Just hanging with the kids? I’m looking all over for bugs that might attack us.

Especially those deadly stink bugs (yes I’m being facetious….maybe. No one really knows the truth about them suckers.)

Yeah. I’m definitely MONK.