I’ve lost sight of this blog.

I’ve made it into a time mongering doodad.

Its taking away my concentration from the Lord and thats not good.

I wanted this blog to be a diary – an outlet for the pain that I’m going through and all I cared about were the numbers. The follows, the connections I made.

“Ooo, will this place call med for a job?” “Will these people notice me?”

I’m gonna go back to blogging the way I used to.

Whenever i felt like it.

however I felt like it.

about whatever I felt like.

No offense but its not about you….this is therapy for me. Don’t get me wrong – if stupidity comes a calling; I’ll be ready to answer that call. If there are injustices that need to be fought; I will be there.

But here? This blog is not for show and tell.

Its for me. To be silly, to be serious.

To be a real ninja….quiet….laid back….and awesomely awesome.

Whatever I have totally lost where the end of this was going.