130919-143519I’ve always thought I would make something of my life.

Nothing too big like the apostle Paul (for those who aren’t in the know….think Oprah but bigger), but wanting to help people. Maybe its just me, but maybe I’m not supposed to help people.

I want to help people, but my husband is worried that it will take away time from the kids. He’s right to worry that as when I am in a depressive mode – I shrink away from them. Ha. Shrink. I run away from them at top speeds.

Man, I’m such a horrible person – why should I even think that I am helping anyone?

I should just give up this crap and not even try – but then I so feel that God has called me to do something.

Jennifer Marshall is starting a show called This is My Brave. It is a show about:



I want to so be a part of that show! I emailed her already – this is exactly what I have been praying for and looking for! Nothing that will keep me too far from kids (its in DC) and nothing too exhausting (well, don’t quote me on that).


But then the hubby put the brakes – We need to pray about it Jess. I mean yea, he is right and he would not feel that same fire that I feel inside me about this but maybe this is just me.

Is it Lord? I don’t feel confusion just a strong urge to do this – maybe that’s my answer.

I don’t know.