Apparently time, hypomania and pinterest make a good combination. Will get to that.

I cant think because of the crap thats going on in DC and the police not really sure if there was only one shooter. 

Oh yea and me being loopy.

Yes. I know. Stop calling myself that.

I’m not crazy – Its crazy.

But still. Anyways.

Yesterday, we went to Goodwill to donate some of the kids toys that they no longer play with. I explained to them what was happening and the boy was all gungho for it:

Come on sisah. We gotta get toys for kids who don’t have.

Oh my mommy heart exploded will pride. One he’s speaking so much better and two? His willingness to share.

Oh. So proud.

We went shopping there too. Found a great track suit for the boy and some much needed pajamas for the girl. I tried looking for galoshes for the boy – ya see the last thrift store we went to I bought him a pair of froggie galoshes. But they were both left feet. So now I need to find the right foot. Grrr at that store for being so rude, I hated that store – I dont wanna go back. Was one of those stores that you felt like if you sat down you would get gonorrhea and that there were cameras everywhere watching…..yeah thats probably the crazy taking over there – so lemme just stop.

Anyways, we came home and then my mom and I started planning the boys fourth birthday party – I cant believe I have a four year old already. I want to do a cowboy theme, but the thing is to find a farm that will be open that late and be affordable. But he just loves anything cowboys – special thanks to Woody and Jessie there. Ay yi yi and his birthday is in a cold month too – november!

Well, I sent out a couple emails so we’ll see now.

So birthday party planning of course led to pinterest – which led me to start a new board Ridiculousness. Where I pin and repin the most ridiculous things I see and comment on them and as I am a little hypomanic (or whatever) the commentary has been hysterical.

Yes, I do think very highly of myself -wha?