Come on dalek awesome work today!
Come on dalek awesome work today!

I wanted to write something funny.

Like how my daughter yesterday was hysterical at DSW warehouse picking up purses like a mad child going: MY bag, MY bag.

Or talk to you about another in justice.

Or talk to you about how I finally made it to page 20 in my book! Dude I wrote 20 pages of awesome!

But I can’t. My brain is just stuck on this apparent shooter in DC. randomly picking out people and killing them.

My husband works in bethesda.

God my heart is my chest. I keep double typing letters.

if you dont know – bethesda is real close to DC and according to reports…hes getting closer to bethesda?? I dont know.

I’m freaking out.

I feel like this is my fault somehow.

For working on my book, for listening to non christian music for…..doing anything I shouldn’t have. I know I know – its just my OCD talking.

but still. Its my fault if I cant get in contact with my husband within the next hour. which is when I told him to call me.

I know he’s nervous too. He was jumpy on the phone and kept telling me to keep track of the news.

I’m too nervous. I just wished he listened to me yesterday and worked from home.