This is me the day after I got sick.

So its not much of a draw that people in my house, were like “oh you are so much better! You must be feeling better! Get out of bed. Move around! Take over taking care of your monster kids.”

I tried to comply but my stomach and pooper shooter weren’t agreeing.

Oh and my OCD.

Obviously my OCD wasnt agreeing more loudly.

But my loud family won. That night I went downstairs and ate part of dinner w my family. To which – yeah I will spare you the details.

I mean, hello?! It was only the day after I got sick!!

The next day (yesterday), I complied with my warden and officers husband and mother and woke up with the kids.

After they had breakfast, and played outside in the freezing cold (holy crap apparently it turned to fall when I was sick); I decided to take them for a walk.

I washed my hands every five seconds through out this ordeal by the way – everyone laughing at me. “You’re not contagious anymore Jess” Lord willing they are right, but if not – I’m getting ’em a big sign that says:


It’s a wonder I wanted to take the kids out.

Anyways, we went to this playground/park thing that is literally 400 ft from my house.

My daughter went down the slide and



We end up the in the pediatric ER, with a three hour wait. After which they tell us The girl has a concussion.

Sigh. I’m still weak and light headed from losing 8 lbs in one day and still struggling with eating and drinking but hey, why not on top of all that?

Add a miscommunication? Why not?


Yesterday was just a day I want to forget. Literally was on the verge of crying, screaming, shaking, throwing things around the freaking room because they took so long. And maybe cause it was time for my meds. But I’d figured me freaking out and trashing the place was a no no, when I heard a patient complain about me and them call for security.

Seriously! I guess me pacing the halls & giving her (the nosy mom) a dirty look while I was walking back to my room was not a good idea to them.

The husband disagreed, told me: “we’ll, they shouldn’t keep people like you locked up for three hours with nothing to do.”

God I love that mans sarcasm. Perfect timing.

But I’m glad today is normalish…except for this nagging feeling that we are all gonna get really really really sick.

I hate my brain