This week is a very important week to me.

Why? well, first the week started off okay with us celebrating my husbands birthday. Was nice. Didn’t have any meltdowns…neither did the kids.

Sorry, back to reality. This week; its Suicide Prevention week.

Its the week that we all get together and really pull together around people and scream at them “NO” when they say they want to die.

Ha. That would be freaky if it were true.

No. Its a week where we talk about things people want to brush under the rug.

Suicide. The killing of oneself. The death of you.

I’ll be opening up about my story and my struggle with it. As a person who suffers from Bipolar; I go through these weird catatonic episodes where all I talk about is wanting to die.

I wish I was kidding about that part. 90-infographic_infographic_block

But One time. One time? I gave in to the temptation. I wrote a guest post about my story. Will let you know when its up on my friends site. But heres the thing, I got help. I searched out God. Something clicked in me that I just cant explain when I saw this comedian when he said the following: The Glory of God is Man alive….So live my friends LIVE!!!!

I broke down and cried.

It clicked in me and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to stop people from feeling that alone and empty. So this is my work. I am a AFSP advocate and volunteer, PPD activist and I am gonna change the world.

Ok. Not change the world, but as the awesome newsboys put it perfectly: I want my life to count every breath. I want to live with abandon. Give you all that I can. Every part of my heart Jesus I place in your hands. I wanna live with abandon.

That’s me…I’m gonna live life with abandon. Here I go jumpin in.