As per yesterday, y’all know I’ve been suffering from the evil magenta fog.

But I found a way out. A glimmer of normalcy. Baking, well really frying.

I don’t know what an ebelstiver is….but apparently I cooked it some in the form of donuts.


*Shifts uncomfortably* No, they are not supposed to look that dark.


After feeling horrible about the results; my husband ate 5 and told me this morning he couldn’t wait to eat more.

Maybe my baking genes weren’t lost in this hell that is my brain dysfunction.


Or my hubby is just being overly sweet as is his obvious way.

I can try again – because that glimmer? I need to hold on to again. I liked it. Even if its making those funky whole wheat donuts again.


Went to church today too. Told a new friend about my disease. Now I’m terrified she’s never gonna stop talking to me again.

I mean would you?

I know I would…n’t.

I dont know. I’m just a big blog of nothing that just doesn’t want to be touched by anyone. I hate being like this sometimes….okay; all the time *Insert huge eyeroll here*.

Just ignore me like everyone else does. “OH Ignore her, its just Jessica being dramatic.”