Something weird happened.

Im trying not to freak out about it, heh. Me, not freaking out. That’s funny.

But lemme tell you – I don’t wanna talk about it cause well….ha. who am i kidding? I probably will.

But we’ll…sorry I’m writing this on my phone while we drive home and my husband is talking to me. So I keep getting confused – and I drank some caffeinated coffee.

I know! I know! I’m bad. But I was thirsty and it looked so good!

Okay. So. I think my inlaws stole some of my laundry. Wow, yup. Sounded as crazy as I thought it would. But I do think it. I had a bag for the dirty laundry. It had my favorite green shirt, my sons fancy shirt and 2 of my daughters dresses. One of which was my favorite on her.

Yeah I’m pissed about it.

It was in our suitcase one day and the very next day, we left to visit my Staten Island family, came back to a clean room (yeah we left the room messy…like you dont) and a missing bag. I’m pissed.

My husband thinks she was washing it for us. I think she either hid it to make me look crazy (she found my medicine stash and went through it – hello violated feeling) or to make me look like a bad housewife OOORRR to take it to the hospital where she works…to get my clothes tested to see what other drugs I’m on.

What? It could be true.

Sigh. Being me is hard & tiring.

But the humor side of the post – the reason why you came to the site.

Wanna know One way I know I have taken my bipolar meds? Too bad – my site, my rules – gonna tell ya.

My nose gets sooooo stuffy! If that night I can breathe through my nose, I have not taken my meds yet.

Weird right?

I don’t know why i told ya but now ya know and don’t you feel better knowing?

Sigh – I really need to quit this caffeine habit. I agree….naaaaaahhhhhh


Do I win the Internets!?