If you’re following me on my fb page (and you should as I’m not really on twitter anymore) you’d know we are on a small road trip.

And I’ve come to realize – road trips suck now…because of the kids. And because of families being freaking impatient (the ones we are going to see).

where are you?

when are you getting here?

Really? How about you wait til we get there. I understand you’re excited and all but I hafta play: “I don’t want my goldfish” … Seconds later “I want my goldfish NOW” game for the 4500th time.

So I hate your texts.

Just sayin.

And this road trip? I’ve been trying to get pictures of the awesome horror movie houses Maryland and Pennsylvania have to offer – but I’ve had to deal with the: “babe send a pic of this to your mom. They are gonna think this is hysterical.”


It’s our ghetto portable DVD player. My husband, God bless him, thinks he’s a genius for thinking this up – a cell phone showing special agent oso and daniel tiger. God I love this man.

Well at least Dalek awesome came along for the visit;


That white glare? Is my leg. Ain’t it great?

Oh wait here’s the best part – we found the dirtiest rest stop in human history!


And of course I had to pee.

Freaking A. I definitely am SURE I have like 12 different diseases just from using those bathrooms.