So here ya go. The main reason I hate road trips to see family.

The social anxiety of it all.

Holy crapness – I cannot describe to you the amount of crap that goes through me when a group of people comes into a room.

I’ve always been like this. Ever since I was a girl – just didnt understand it til now.

I thought – well shoo, lets be honest and call a duck a duck. mainly my husband and his family – thought that I didn’t like them. That I was better than them.

I thought that they were judging me because of how fat I was. I was scared to be around them. No, the mere thought of traveling to see them? Would make me so sick.

My husband would just tell me I was being ridiculous. But alas. Here I am. Hiding in the master bedroom because the sheer loudness and volume of his family is too much for not only his kids…but for me too.

We had a good time w my family but as soon as they left that sinking feeling of social anxiety set in. I couldn’t breathe and I felt like a sore orange thumb. I don’t know why I chose orange.

I’m just grateful this time around the kids were overwhelmed and wanted to go away to the magical safe master bedroom too.

I didn’t hafta convince them this time.